Sudbury Manitoulin District Lodges

Sudbury Masons share the Belrock Masonic Centre, while all other District Lodges maintain their own buildings. Click on any of the Lodges below for contact information and driving directions.


Nickel Lodge   Doric Lodge   Gore Bay Lodge   Espanola Lodge
Nickel Lodge No.427
Belrock Masonic Centre
  Doric Lodge No. 455
Little Current, Ontario
  Gore Bay Lodge No. 472
Gore Bay, Ontario
  Espanola Lodge No. 527
Espanola, Ontario
Algonquin Lodge   National Lodge   Sudbury Lodge   Friendship Lodge
Algonquin Lodge No. 536
Belrock Masonic Centre
  National Lodge No. 588
Belrock Masonic Centre
  Sudbury Lodge No. 658
Belrock Masonic Centre
  Friendship Lodge No. 691
Belrock Masonic Centre
Bethel Lodge
Bethel Lodge No. 699
Belrock Masonic Centre



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